Sunday, September 23, 2012

i tend to eschew the ritual of hair brushing these days. perhaps it's the dry temperature or the fact my hair is getting longer, or maybe it's partly the changing of hormones that come with aging (err...taking the number of days i've spent on earth and adding a few) but my hair has gotten fairly curly and has a knack for dreading. brushing it feels like a chore i would just rather avoid. the good thing is, my standard 'colby knot' has been looking extra voluminous--she's all lady. 

i couldn't help but notice in my lazy state of being today, that carrie bradshaw (ultimate woman) rocked a similar bun in season 6 of sex and the city. if my hair looks like hers when my number of days on this earth match her number of days on earth in this season, i'll be happy. thanks for the affirmation, car.

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