Wednesday, September 26, 2012


today was a very long, busy, and stressful day at the office. i've been feeling under the weather, have been working very hard lately, and to be honest have been a bit down overall. i thought i was alone, but now that i've come home and done some mindless internet browsing, i realize that for some reason very many of my friends and even blog friends have had less than stellar days today. is it something about the position of the earth? either way, it's nice to be reminded that however 'hard' or triggering my day is, someone else has had a worse one. someone once told me, if we all wrote down our problems and put them in a hat to draw someone else's, we'd take ours back. i love that! c'est vrais.

when i am truly, honestly more-than-a-glass-bottle-of-wine stressed, i like to take a bubble bath and listen to a little carly simon and then put on clean, comfy pajamas and read or think about things i am grateful and happy for.

i am happy that i will see my los angeles friends in chicago at a wedding this weekend
i am happy that i will be back in chicago
i smile when i remember i got a ride to the parking garage on the back of an electric-bike the other night
i am grateful for my creative mind that sees beauty in so much
i am grateful for my live-in boyfriend cat, monty. his abundance of fur makes me smile
i am happy when i look up at the flower crown i made last weekend
i am grateful for the fact that i can ride my bike to all of my favorite places in vegas
i am grateful for my beautiful condo. it is probably one of the nicest places i'll ever live
i am grateful for the 4 inch memory foam mattress topper that molds to my every curve
the old photos of my mother and father from the 70s on my nightstand make me very happy
i am grateful that my youngest sister is so happy at purdue, my alma mater

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