Tuesday, November 20, 2012


this time of year always seems to creep up on us, and as cliche as it is to even admit that, here we are again and i've just realized how much i've been neglected my normally tidy apartment and how my creative juices have stopped flowing.

i blame it on a few things, part stress and job constraints leading to a increased social life to ease that, but mostly it's just laziness and a loss of focus on myself. i used to clean and paint my nails (or so a few roommates have told me) when times got stressful but it seems the past few months i've been taking to friends or blatant denial (i.e.. lots of web browsing and iTunes movie nights) instead of busting out the paint (nail or otherwise). now as we start crossing off the final days of the year, i'm feeling hopeful for what the next has to bring!

i wish i could share all the details as that's sort of what i began blogging for in the first place, but with keen eyes prying it's a bit hard these days. i will say, there's quite a lot of hurdles to jump through in the next couple of months but love is in the air and creative juices are beginning to flow again giving me hope and optimism for my personal and career life. health is becoming more of a priority of mine as well-- i used to say, "i never regret the nights i stay in but i sure do regret nights spent out." then again, "YOLO" happened this year.

travel plans for the next are as such:
NEW YORK - last week of Nov
SAN FRAN- Dec 7-9
SUNDANCE- Dec 20-23

then comes the calm before a storm.

I can't wait.. let it snow...

ps. don't ever leave dishes (even if they are CLEAN) in a dishwasher for extended amount of time. seriously, just don't. zomg.

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