Wednesday, December 26, 2012


i am laying in bed (with no pajamas) in atlanta and very sad. due to the blizzard occurring in the Midwest today I had two canceled flights, was boarded and deboarded twice, and finally when we thought we were leaving the plane's door broke detaching from the walkway. can you believe that? by that time, flights everywhere were booked solid or not leaving at all, so here i am stranded in atlanta until 4PM tomorrow while my love sits in our apartment in munich, alone. two nights that should have been ours. have i mentioned i have not eaten in 12 hours and there isn't a single place that delivers and i arrived 5 minutes after room service closed? yeah.

but, i'm trying to find the bright side in all of this, and i believe its name is little five points. i've always heard how neat the neighborhood is, so tomorrow morning i am going to check it out.

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