Sunday, December 2, 2012

WIWTW: shopping for THE ONE

WIWTW: shopping for "THE ONE"

the 70 degree weather we're having in las vegas is a-ok with me but those salvation army strip-mall-santas just don't elicit the same sympathy while wearing shorts and sunglasses as the ones a few degrees away from frostbite. new york was just the dose of holiday cheer i needed to get me in the spirit! memories of christmas as a child came fluttering back every time i passed a row of christmas trees for sale. as a family, we'd drive out to the tree farms and watch my dad take advantage of one of man's few chances to prove himself: cutting down his own damn christmas tree. my sisters and i would compete to see who could find the best one and my parents would argue with us over the height of tree vs ceiling or which angle we'd have to turn it to hide the bad side. like us, trees have their share of imperfections, something i find comforting. after we found 'the one' we'd usher over to the guys to help haul it back and sit in the lodge sipping hot cider while they shook it out and tied it to the top of our mini van. that night, we'd light a fire and decorate the tree while listening to alvin and the chipmunks or something equally annoying. i loved it.

if i were home this year for the annual farm pilgrimage, i'd wear something like this. to shop these items, click the photo.

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