Sunday, January 13, 2013


the past two years, my new year's resolution has not been to hit the gym more, drink less, smoke less, swear less. no. i don't believe subtracting things from my life is the best way to improve it but rather to ADD meaningful things. with that in mind, my resolution has been to visit 3 new cities each year. travel, be it within our own wonderful country or outside, has opened my mind to new cultures, ideals, and experiences and i vow to never stop exploring. 

this year i think to anniversary that resolution would be cheating, since i began it with a 3 country tour. in the spirit of ADDING for improvement i have come up with quite a few things i think will benefit either my mind or body. i am getting older, now closer to 30 than 20, and my values and priorities are shifting every day. as inertia will have it, i continue on... perhaps a little wiser?

so, in this spirit of bettering my mind and soul:

i will add more yoga into my life
i will add new physical experiences like meditation, a spin class, a silks class
i will exercise my mind by taking german lessons
i will experiment more with vegan and plant based dishes to sharpen my mind and my body

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