Sunday, January 13, 2013


well friends, with that and i am back in the united states of america.

i feel very strange right now, and have actually since the flight attendant prepared us for touchdown in atlanta. i went through the whole customs bit and re-checked luggage after which i boarded a plane once again filled with poorly dressed americans, seemingly uneducated (the loud ones anyways), and with that sharp twang that buzzes in your eardrums like a gnat or more aptly, a horse fly.

i have to admit, before visiting south tyrol, i had no idea what to even call patrick. his passport is italian but he doesn't act italian. is he austrian? he speaks a german dialect? oy. so, let me explain WHERE i was exactly. south tyrol (sudtirol) is italy's richest province, located in the alps. before WW1, sudtirol was part of austria. during WW1, they were annexed to italy for the italian wanted control of a portion of the alps to pass through. although they have been part of italy for nearly 100 years now, they never fully integrated. the region is still split between dialect or german speaking residents and italian speaking residents because dictator mussolini encouraged italians to settle in the area after control was gained. in fact, during this time, speaking german was forbidden. during WWII, mussolini and hitler agreed to let the people have a choice. the area i was in, schlanders is almost fully dialect speaking however with balzano, a larger city just an hour south, decidedly more italian. you can still feel some hostility between italians and tyroleans.

i did expect that i would feel sad to leave P, but i assumed by the end of it all i'd also feel the same welcoming relief as i have with every other long holiday or international trip. by the last day, i am usually craving a little solitude and good old american traditions like in-n-out burger and resolve that YES! AMERICA is indeed the best country! instead, i leave south tyrol (or sudtirol) feeling like a child being yanked away from its mother upon returning to kingergarten. now that i actually understand the language surrounding me, the soft background noise (conversation in german/italian/dialect) i've become accustomed to is now replaced by overwhelming 3rd party conversations that distract me and leave my mind feeling like a circus! The only thing I really missed while away were my healthy self made meals and green juices! oh, and american coffee ie: BIG COFFEES. yet, instead of escaping immediately to whole foods for fresh veggies and green juice i am finding myself contemplating inviting a fellow austrian-loving friend over for dinner so i can make knödel and sauerkraut.

instead of enjoying the relaxing quiet of my own bed and company of one, i feel lonely and lacking my partner. it felt natural to spend so much time with p, and now that we're back to skyping and messaging i feels strange and unfulfilled. i woke at 3:30 this morning and skyped p to nap together until 7am. thank you technology?

oh, and i have to mention that like an idiot, i left my phone on the sofa of our apartment in vienna before we left for sudtirol and instead of receiving it back by mail a couple days later, i left for the united states still phoneless!! damn you lazy apartment owner. so with that, my first trip in the states will be to AT&T minus $200 but perhaps with an upgrade. oy, i hate myself. so needless to say, i don't have toooo many photos of the trip which KILLED ME as i decided last minute to NOT take my nikon DSLR in fear of damaging or losing that...

i'll update on the places i visited and post what photos i have soon.


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