Tuesday, February 5, 2013


i grew up in a city with a lot of people, but not a lot of ideas; not a lot of art.  something inside of me protested all that i was confined to. while it took me a long time to realize what it was i was searching for in the sea of chains that surrounded me, when i finally came upon it (largely in thanks to the internet and then, my ex boyfriend's family) it was like suddenly i could see in color after only ever knowing black and white. i don't know how to describe exactly what IT is, but it has something to do with craftsmanship; with entrepreneurs. people doing what they love, using their creativity and thinking outside of the box. i discovered boutiques, concept stores, new music, new flavors, art--everywhere, and i haven't stopped since. i'm not tooting my own horn, i didn't make any of these things, i merely learned of their existence and i learned to appreciate them. i also learned to appreciate other people who appreciate.

lianna and alex are two of those people, only they've turned the thrill of discovery into a business! meet, fairejour.com. a boutique selling items from boutiques. thoughtful curated, handpicked treasures. i had the pleasure of shooting a few fun photos with them last week! check out the photos and the store! you're sure to find something that makes you say "ah! a leather mug holder is exactly what i've been not-searching for and i need it now!"

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