Monday, February 25, 2013


there are a lot of little things that make me happy...  the smell of gardenias in california, when the elevator happens to be sitting at my floor, freshly laundered sheets, working from home on fridays, the koi pond at central park, to name a few. but if there is one specific activity that makes me turn into a giddy little girl again, it's building forts. ohhh yeah.

i found this subtle fort on pinterest and it's now my mission to have a room of my own one day. guests would walk in all "oohh lovely library, so cozy and wait.... this is a fort, huh?"

love the textiles on this one

this was my finest moment in fort building history, to date

sometimes, forts are as simple of draping an old flag around your best friends

and this is the 'welcome home' pancake-eating-movie-watching-ligretto-playing fort for p&i this week

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